A meiga das areas

Apartment Hostel on the banks of the Rías Baixas

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The “A meiga das areas” apartments are located on the shores of Praia América, which together with Praia de Panxón constitute the most spectacular sandy area of ​​the Rías Baixas, with almost 2.5 kilometers of fine white sand. The name and the interior design itself represent a tribute to our maritime history and the matriarchal culture promoted by shellfish harvesters. For generations, these women have maintained the economy and social cohesion of the fishing families of our Val Miñor region, extracting from the sands and rocks the marine delicacies that today are enjoyed all over the world. Nélida is one of those unforgettable pioneers.

Apartments on the banks of the Rías Baixas


Boats are no longer the sole banner of nautical leisure today. Sea-related fun has new names, ranging from sporting activities to scuba diving for pure enjoyment to enjoy the scenery beneath the surface of the estuary.

A Meiga das Areas | En familia
A Meiga das Areas | En familia
A Meiga das Areas | En familia

Everything here is splashed by the sea. It splashes the dishes Julio eats on a terrace, soaks the wetsuits of swimmer María and kayaker Xiana, and with small drops it accentuates the tan of Mou, who spends his afternoons sunbathing on the sand of the beach.