General conditions and internal rules

Rúa Vista ó mar, nº 3, c.p. 36370. Nigrán (Pontevedra). Spain

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Group: II
Category: 2 stars
Modality: pension


  • Apartment 1: 4 sleeping places
  • Apartment 2: 4 sleeping places
  • Apartment 3: 2 sleeping places
  • Apartment 4: 4 sleeping places

It is forbidden to smoke inside the establishment

It is forbidden to exceed the maximum occupancy of the establishment.

Animals are not allowed.


Bookings at A MEIGA DAS AREAS will be made on a daily or daily basis, according to the number of overnight stays.

For children under 2 years old, a free cot is available on request when formalizing the reservation and subject to confirmation of availability.

Arrival at the establishment and departure

The time of entry into the accommodation A MEIGA DAS AREAS, will be from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. the first contractual day, unless otherwise agreed. It is recommended that the customer inform the approximate time of arrival.

It is mandatory that the customer who owns the reservation completes and signs the ADMISSION FORM, and provides on arrival the identity documents required by the establishment to comply with its legal obligations.

Check out must be by 12:00 on the last day unless otherwise agreed. The extension of the occupation for a period longer than that described, without prior agreement, will result in the obligation to pay one day/day more on the price of the apartment.

When there is a reservation formalized in advance and the customer leaves the accommodation before the agreed date, the establishment may invoice the customer (except when the withdrawal occurs due to force majeure or a serious event to which the customer must inexcusably attend):

  1. a) 100% of the prices corresponding to the services provided.
  2. b) The amount of the agreed deposit, in proportion to the days remaining until the departure date fixed in the reservation document.

Number of guests and age

At the time of booking, the number of people who will occupy the apartment, including children, regardless of age, must be correctly declared.

The stay of more people than those indicated in the admission document by the client will not be admitted. A MEIGA DAS AREAS can legally refuse the entry of undeclared persons, without a complaint being made in this respect.

A MEIGA DAS AREAS must be informed prior to making the booking if guests are under 18 traveling alone, our express approval being required at the time of booking.

In the event that this prior notification is not made, A MEIGA DAS AREAS reserves the right to refuse accommodation to under 18s who arrive without an accompanying adult.

Use of services A MEIGA DAS AREAS will only allow access to the establishment to registered customers.

A MEIGA DAS AREAS does not accept animals.

It is forbidden to smoke inside the establishment.

The cleaning of each apartment is the responsibility of the establishment.

Movement and stay within the establishment will only take place in the places reserved for customers, without them being able to access the rooms or reserved or private spaces.

The property has a TV in each of the apartments. Television, internet, Wi-Fi services are provided subject to the technical conditions of the supplier, and the establishment is not responsible for any interruptions that may occur, nor for the quality of the signal.

Lights in unused rooms should be turned off to help save energy.

Users should avoid making unnecessary noise, especially during nighttime and nap times.

The customer who signs the admission sheet is responsible for the good behavior of all the people accompanying him. If this person or one of the companions does not behave appropriately, A MEIGA DAS AREAS is authorized to ask the client and his companions to leave the establishment immediately without the client being able to claim any compensation.

The assistance of law enforcement officers may even be sought in evicting patrons who do not follow the rules or who intend to access or stay at the establishment for a purpose other than the normal use of the accommodation service.

The introduction into the apartments of movable objects other than those usual for a tourist will not be authorized.

The introduction into the apartments of electrical or gas appliances will not be authorized, with the sole exception of those intended for personal hygiene.

It will be forbidden to carry out the accommodation activity in the apartments or to use them for purposes other than those for which they were contracted, such as: organization of parties, subcontracting of the activities of the apartments to third parties, etc

The furniture and utensils of the apartments have been arranged with the intention of making the occupants’ stay pleasant. Please use it appropriately and respectfully. The objects mentioned are the property of the establishment, therefore in the event of loss, theft or unjustified deterioration of these, the establishment reserves the right to demand the corresponding payment from the client.

It is the responsibility of the user to make use of the services provided by A MEIGA DAS AREAS in accordance with the Law, morals, good customs and public order, as well as with the provisions of these General Conditions. Consequently, you undertake not to use the services for illicit purposes or effects and/or contrary to what is established in these General Conditions of Contract, prejudicial to the rights and/or interests of third parties or which may in any way damage the image of the services, and/or VEIGA D, and/or VEIGA DE LEIRAS S.L. and/or and the brand A MEIGA DAS AREAS.

Security boxes. Lost objects.

The customer can deposit his valuables in the safe available for this purpose, at no additional cost.

The establishment is not responsible for theft, burglary or loss of objects inside the establishment, even those deposited in the safe.

The establishment is not responsible for the loss or omission of objects. However, if they are found in the establishment, the latter will contact the customer to warn him and agree on the mode of collection or delivery, which will in no case entail any costs or management for the establishment. Under no circumstances will the following items be stored: underwear, slippers or toiletries. Lost items will be retained for a maximum of 30 days.

Admission rights

A MEIGA DAS AREAS, according to its criteria, can prevent the access and/or the permanence of the people, even when they have formalized the corresponding reservation or are already staying, in the following cases:

a.- When the scheduled entry time has been exceeded, in accordance with legal provisions.

b.- In the case of minors unaccompanied by their father, mother or tutor.

c.- When the person who intends to access has not paid what is due in the cases where it is required.

d.- When the person shows violent attitudes, behaves aggressively, provokes altercations, causes dangerous situations or discomfort, or does not respect hygiene conditions.

e.- When the person carries weapons and objects that can be used as such, except in the case of members of the Security Forces and Corps or private escorts integrated into private companies, and having access to them in the exercise of their functions.

f.- When the person consumes drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or presents symptoms, signs or behaviors of having consumed them or being intoxicated.

g.- When it causes noise that disturbs the normal development of the establishment.

h.- When adopting measures or attitudes against the health and cleanliness of the establishment.

i.- When the normal social coexistence of the establishment is violated.

In the cases described, the expenses generated until the prohibition of access or stay in the establishment will be paid and, if the duration of the stay has not been exhausted, the total amount thereof.


A MEIGA DAS AREAS is grateful for all suggestions made by guests to make future stays more enjoyable.

In the event of finding a shortcoming, or for any suggestion it would be appreciated that it be communicated as soon as possible and during the stay, in order to give the possibility of correcting it during it. It can also be done via the e-mail address:

In everything that is not expressly specified in the conditions of use and operation exposed, the legislation in force on Tourism will be applied, in particular Decree 179/2011, of September 8.

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